We provide all of the cleaning supplies unless you prefer us to use yours. We bring traditional household cleaners or we can use organic and eco friendly upon request.  We do not provide any specialty cleaners you may require such as wax, etc.

It will take longer for the staff to clean if the house is not tidy or if we have to wash dishes, etc.  Should we need to do tasks like dishes or tidying we may find the need to increase the cost of your cleaning.

No, you do not have to be home when we come.  Arrangements can be made in advance, for example we will gladly come and pick up a key from you which we will keep in our safe.

Our staff are very pet friendly and responsible.  We will care for your pets as our own.  Please leave instructions as to if a pet is allowed outside or stays indoors.  Any dogs who have ever shown any aggression would need to be secured.

Yes, we are bonded and insured and our staff are also covered under WCB.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you were not satisfied with the cleaning please call the office and we will return to re-clean whatever you are not happy with.  However, if we were given a restricted amount of time to clean and more time was needed to do a more thorough cleaning, we will not be able to guarantee the quality or quantity of the work completed.

We accept Visa, MasterCard,e-Transfer,cash or cheque which is to be made out to “Maid in the Shade”.  Payment is due upon receipt.

We only have a 1 hour minimum charge for two cleaning people.

No, we do not have any contracts for you to sign.

There will be no cancellation fee as long as we have received notification by phone message or email within 24 hours of your scheduled cleaning.


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